Lesson #1: WRITE - How to Write Your Book the Best Way AND How to Create Your Own Book as Fast as 24 Hours!

In this module, you will learn how to create your own book in 24 hour or less so after watching, there is NO EXCUSES about creating your next book!

How to Create Your Book in 24 Hours or Less!

How to Create 3 Streams of Income from 1 Book!

7 Steps to Succeed with Self Publishing

How to Hire Writers to Write a Nonfiction How To Book for You

How to Edit the Book in a Simple & High Quality Way!


In short, you want to:

  • Create an Outline!
  • Record yourself talking on audio.
  • Transcribe the audio into text.
  • Clean up the transcribed text in a structured way.
  • You have a book in 24 to 72 hours because you can do this all in a weekend!
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