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My book about self publishing ("How to Make Money with Ebooks") hit #1 on Amazon's Bestseller List for Business on Amazon. This book is still a classic because the 7 steps taught in that system in detail are the exact blueprint I use for my own independent publishing business still to this day.

Here's What You Get Inside Publisher System

Publisher System is a step by step program to start, grow, and succeed as an author &/or publisher for ALL genres including Nonfiction, Fiction, LCB/NCB-Low Content & No Content Publishing. This is PRIMARILY taught from myself a NONFICTION Author & Publisher but the concepts can be applied to ALL Genres (such as advertising, publishing, platforms, etc.)

This is for both authors and publishers. I share with you my REAL LIFE lessons on what worked to 10X my own business to help you do the same and more. In this section, you will see a quick summary of how to build and grow your own publishing empire. In this section, you will see the BIG PICTURE before we venture into your self publishing journey. It’s good to see the big picture from a higher level to be able to ultimately understand and achieve all the steps necessary to have success with self publishing.


  • How to Find Your Niche Book Topic in Any Genre
  • How to Outline and Structure the Book to Stand Out from the Competition!
  • How to Write and Have Your Book Finished in about 90 Days!
  • How to Edit the Book in a Simple & High Quality Way!
  • How to Format the Book for All the Types of Books (eBook, paperback, hardback, etc)
  • How to Design the Book in a High Quality Way
  • How to Publish the Book to All the Book Stores Such as Amazon, BarnesandNoble, Apple, Google, Kobo, Ingramspark, and More!
  • How to Turn Book into Audiobook and Sell on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, & More!
  • How to Advertise Book on Amazon the Simple & Effective Way to Dominate Your Niche!
  • How to Build Your Team & System to Start, Grow, and Succeed in Your Publishing Business!
  • How to Maximize Your Publishing Business as an Author &/or Publisher in Any Niche Such as Nonfiction, Fiction, Low Content & No Content Publishing, and More!
  • Additional Book/Self Publishing Tips for Authors & Publishers!
  • Publisher System Archive (Videos from the Past, Etc)
  • New & Updated Videos & Content Added to Update Publisher System to Be a Quality Source of Training for Self Published Authors & Publishers.


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Real Example of How to Publish a Book to Multiple Platforms Such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo, Etc

How to Find & Hire Audiobook Narrators on ACX to Publish @ Amazon, Audible, iTunes - Self Publishing

How to Find Book Cover Images @ Depositphotos - Self Publishing Business Tips for Authors/Publishers

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Why Publisher System?

You will learn from REAL LIFE EXAMPLE & DEMONSTRATION of a Publisher Showing Behind the Scenes How to Hire & Publish to Grow a Publishing Business Now!

  • This is for both the AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS in ALL Genres! (It is BEST for those specifically interested in Non-Fiction as that is my Primary Focus. However, I do have real life experience publishing in all genres.)
  • You will learn from a REAL Amazon bestselling author! (Learn from someone who has real life experience achieving #1 on the AMAZON BESTSELLER list!)
  • You will learn from a REAL PUBLISHER of HUNDREDS of books on Amazon! (No other teacher in self publishing has real life experience publishing HUNDREDS of books in various niches!)
  • I will teach you how to start a PUBLISHING COMPANY by hiring FREELANCERS/WRITERS to write about their #1 BEST TOPICS that they have REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE/EXPERTISE IN.
  • You will learn how to MAXIMIZE your profits for each and every book you publish because you will learn how to turn that EBOOK into a PAPERBACK, HARDBACK, AUDIOBOOK, ONLINE COURSE, & MORE!
  • BEST OF ALL, YOU WILL LEARN FROM REAL LIFE EXAMPLES! That is what makes PUBLISHER SYSTEM UNIQUE! You will learn from REAL LIFE DEMONSTRATION of me actually working on my PUBLISHING BUSINESS/BRAND HowExpert! You will see the LATEST & MOST UPDATED Behind the Scenes Training & Work (Including Team Training) So You Can Learn to Start, Grow, Build, and Succeed in Your Dream Publishing Business as Well!

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P.S. I am very authentic in my membership site SHOWING you and DEMONSTRATING you how to start and succeed in self publishing by SHOWING YOU MY PERSONAL business! I don't know anyone who really does that. I don't just TALK ABOUT IT. Instead, I DEMONSTRATE TO YOU INSIDE PUBLISHER SYSTEM! I am REAL, AUTHENTIC, GENUINE in my training. I will help YOU create REAL & AUTHENTIC books that STAND OUT, make a POSITIVE IMPACT, and help you generate PASSIVE INCOME! GET PUBLISHER SYSTEM NOW!

P.P.S. Here are additional resources for you to ultimately help you self publish your own Amazon book to grow your authority and your business for the long run!

P.P.P.S. In short, I can help self publish your book as an Ebook + Paperback + Audiobook on Amazon, you keep all the rights, and keep all the royalties for a lifetime! So get started today!

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