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How to Build Your Ebook Publishing Empire Step by Step

How to Self Publish Your Amazon Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook

Benefits of Starting Your Own Self Publishing Business!

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Dear Friend,

My name is BJ Min, the bestselling author of "How to Make Money with Ebooks" and the publisher of 250+ books from my own publishing company at

By the way, I do NOT hide my books like most teachers in this industry because I have full confidence as a publisher and ultimately want to let you know that I'm the REAL DEAL when it comes to self publishing that you didn't know about! That's because I was DOING THIS instead of TEACHING this and you know what they say the saying about those who teach ("Those who can, do...those who can't, teach!")

Well...I know I am teaching now but it's AFTER MANY years of having success as a publisher since 2010 and AFTER earning SIX FIGURES in my career as a publisher over the years. So I believe I now have the MORAL AUTHORITY to actually teach this stuff to anyone who is interested in becoming an independent publisher or even aspiring authors because what I teach as a publisher can help you publish your own book as well!

In short, I am the REAL DEAL when it comes to self publishing.

You may have NEVER heard of me in the past because I was DOING this instead of TEACHING this like most self publishing teachers in the industry.

After earning SIX FIGURES in my career as an INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER, I want to NOW share with you my SECRET BLUEPRINT on how I started my own publishing company so YOU can start your OWN independent publishing company the RIGHT WAY!

My course is called "PUBLISHER SYSTEM".

It is DIFFERENT than ALL the other self publishing eBooks, courses, and seminars because NO ONE who teaches this or has done this independently has done it my way which YOU can get get the KEYS TO MY BLUEPRINT if you take action today by getting my PUBLISHER SYSTEM course!

How do I know? Because ALMOST ALL self publishing teachers teach you to hire a RANDOM ghostwriter to write a RANDOM book about what's hot.

That's NOT how I do it. I follow MY OWN PATH and I discovered this method from TRIAL & ERROR ever since I got started in Amazon self publishing since 2010!

Most people in the self publishign world seem to learn all from each other. That's good to learn from each other but then EVERYONE eventually becomes the SAME THING!

On the other hand, I did it DIFFERENTLY!

I did NOT learn from OTHER self publishing courses!


I just preferred to FIGURE IT OUT my own way and I DID IT ALL THE WAY!

The DIFFERENT WAY I did it was I did NOT hire ghostwriters!

Instead, I hired REAL LIFE EXPERTS to write about WHAT THEY WERE BEST AT!

In the end, I created REAL BOOKS written by REAL EXPERTS. The book became AUTHENTIC as opposed to some crappy book written by some ghostwriting researcher (which is taught by MOST self publishing teachers)!

Hence, YOU will learn a METHOD that is REAL, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, makes a POSITIVE IMPACT in the world, and help you build a business for the LONG RUN (unlike other self publishers who were here once and gone today)!

Having said that, let me show you my REAL LIFE PROOF of self publishing!


I published a BESTSELLING book as an AUTHOR!

I have also published a BESTSELLING EBOOK as an INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER as well.

Here is some proof of my results with Amazon Kindle Publishing.

Here is some of the results I accomplished by publishing eBooks on Smashwords which publishes to Apple's iBooks and other top eBook stores.

I have also made THOUSANDS of dollars a month using BarnesandNoble's Nook Store as a PUBLISHER!

I'm generating THOUSANDS of dollars on AUTOPILOT as an independent publisher thanks to turning my eBooks into AUDIOBOOKS that are sold on Amazon & iTunes!

How Is This Different Than Other Systems?

  • This focuses on helping BOTH the AUTHOR AND the INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER succeed in the publishing business I have experience doing BOTH as a bestselling author and bestselling publisher!
  • You will learn from a REAL Amazon bestselling author! (No other teacher teaches has created a book on self publishing that hit AMAZON #1 in BUSINESS like I did!)
  • You will learn from a REAL PUBLISHER of HUNDREDS of books on Amazon! (No other teacher in self publishing has real life experience publishing HUNDREDS of books in various niches!)
  • UNLIKE 99% of other teachers who teach you to hire random ghostwriters to hire random topics (which is NOT authentic), I will teach you how to start a PUBLISHING COMPANY by hiring AUTHENTIC WRITERS to write about their #1 BEST TOPICS that they have REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE/EXPERTISE IN and this DIFFERENT & UNIQUE METHOD helps you PUBLISH HIGHER QUALITY & AUTHENTIC BOOKS that will LAST A LIFETIME! (Not just for the short run!)
  • Other courses teach you how to hire a ghostwriter to write about any topic. That is NOT as authentic because you are hiring someone to write about something they may NOT be good at in real life! However, this courses teaches you how to CREATE GENUINE & HIGH QUALITY products that makes an authentic & positive impact in the world AND help you make money online!
  • You will learn how to succeed in self publishing from someone who has done this since 2010 meaning you will learn how to succeed for the LONG RUN.
  • You will learn how to MAXIMIZE your profits for each and every book you publish because you will learn how to turn that EBOOK into a PAPERBACK and an AUDIOBOOK to provide 3 AUTOPILOT INCOME STREAMS!
  • You will learn how to succeed with self publishing from an AUTHOR & PUBLISHER’s point of view because I have had experience writing a book and being a publisher myself.
  • You will get a NO FLUFF WAY to make money with self publishing WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed. I will purposely give you ONLY the IMPORTANT STEPS to help you STRAIGHT make money online with self publishing because most ‘internet marketing’ training give too much information and actually hinder you from taking action and getting results online.


Amazon self publishing can work for ANYONE!

You don’t have to be smart. You don’t need to write. You don’t need to have any special skills.

All you need is a DESIRE to make money online and willingness to TAKE ACTION following a PROVEN & TESTED method to do this.

And this is ALREADY proven because there are TONS of everyday people just like you (working from home or anywhere) who are making an EXTRA PASSIVE INCOME thanks to Amazon self publishing!


Because to be honest, I’m the WORST CANDIDATE in terms of making money online with self publishing!

  • I am an immigrant who came to America at the age of 15!
  • I NEVER got an A in English class and none of my English teachers ever said anything good about my writing.
  • I failed an English writing test that most of my friends in school all passed!
  • I was so shy that I barely went to job interviews and the few job interviews I went, I NEVER got the job!
  • In fact, prior to doing self publishing, I used to work a fulltime job as a convenience store clerk because I could NOT get a single job and the only reason I got the store clerk job was because my dad owned the convenience store at the time!

Honestly, I am in shock at how someone like me could make ANY money online…especially with self publishing!

So if I…a broke, shy, immigrant, former convenience store clerk with HORRIBLE English grades can make money with Amazon self publishing…then YOU CAN CERTAINLY DO IT AS WELL!

All you need is 1) have the desire to make money online + 2) follow a proven & tested step by step method to make money with Amazon self publishing.
You are here because you already have the desire to make money online.
The next thing you need is to get a PROVEN & TESTED method to make money online with self publishing.

The GREAT NEWS is that I have compiled the BEST step-by-step blueprint for you to succeed online.




  • "Everything went super well! They were understanding and willing to work around my particular situation. I'm so happy with the results! Got to get published and hopefully make a difference in the life of others. I would highly recommend them.” Nephi Ginnett
  • “I was very pleased with my experience with this client. Their instructions and expectations were clearly communicated. The client responded quickly to any questions or comments that I had. Payment was quickly released after I delivered my content. I'd be happy to work with this client again.” (John Longsworth)
  • “Mr. Min was very clear about his expectations, responded quickly to my messages, and was extremely efficient in terms of turn-around. I would recommend working with him.” Jody Cummings
  • “He explained very clearly everything he wanted and it was a pleasure to work with BJ Min.” Miguel Ferraz
  • “BJ Min is a wonderful client to work for. He has clear expectations and very good in regard to communication. Once I clear a few projects off my plate, I would like to work for him again.” Karen Burkey
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  • I absolutely loved working with Hot Methods. They laid out everything I needed to know prior to accepting the job. I set my deadline. Once I turned in my work, I was asked to edit 2 things in my project and once I turned that back in it was accepted within the hour. I would recommend this company.
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  • “Excellent client with great communication skills. Thanks!” Dena Gray
  • “I really enjoyed doing this project and would recommend this employer.” Essie Thorn

Here's What You Get Inside Publisher System

Lesson #1: How to Write and Finish Your Book Step by Step! (Plus BONUS Training on How to Create Your Book in 24 to 72 Hours!) - If You Wan to Create Your Own Book!

  • In this section, you will discover how to CREATE your OWN book in 24 to 72 hours WITHOUT writing! This is a training so that ANYONE can create their own book to BRAND and POSITION themselves as an EXPERT in their industry!
  • Also if you want to WRITE the book yourself, then I will ALSO show you a STEP BY STEP guideline to CREATE a structured, organized, and a solution focused HOW TO guide that will make a positive impact to your field and in return provide the BEST chance of success for you for the LONG RUN!

Lesson #2: How to Post a Ebook Writing Job to Attract High Quality Writers For an Affordable Cost! - If You Want to Hire a Writer to Write the Book for You!

  • This SECRET method will help you HIRE high quality writers want to WRITE for you MORE than any other employer looking for writing at a FRACTION of the cost!
  • This SECRET is NOT taught by any other self publishing teacher out there in the industry and it can DRASTICALLY save you money for the long run to create HIGH QUALITY guides written by HIGH QUALITY writers at an affordable rate!

Lesson #3: How to Invite High Quality Writers To Your Job Post So You Never Run Out of High Quality Writers Ever Again!

  • You will NEVER run out of high quality writers wanting to write for you for the LONG RUN!
  • This means you will be able to create an income stream for the REST OF YOUR LIFE using this ONE SECRET TECHNIQUE no other self publishing teacher teaches in this industry! Take action now to discover this SECRET TECHNIQUE to get an UNLIMITED NUMBER of writers to want to write for you!

Lesson #4: How to Interview & Hire Writers to Create a Unique 'How To' Guide About Their Best Expertise At an Affordable Rate!

  • This is the SECRET METHOD that I have NEVER heard any self publishing teacher talk about!
  • Most teachers talk about hiring a random ghostwriter to write about any random topic. That is NOT authentic and will produce books that are of low quality in the long run because people want AUTHENTIC EXPERTS to write about the topic!
  • That is why in this lesson, you will learn THE #1 BEST WAY to find UNIQUE TOPICS where the writer has REAL LIFE EXPERTISE in that topic! This training is NEVER taught anywhere by ANY other self publishing gurus out there!

Lesson #5: How to Format Your Book for All Platforms Like Amazon Kindle Ebooks, Amazon Paperback Book, and Apple's iBooks, and More!

  • You will learn how to FORMAT your book as an eBook and paperback in MINUTES!
  • You don't have to be a TECHNICAL GEEK to learn this SIMPLE METHOD to format your book the RIGHT & FAST & EFFECTIVE WAY!
  • You will watch me DEMONSTRATE you step by step on how to format your Amazon eBook and paperback so you can just watch me do it and do it as well! Watch this training today and move one step forward to becoming a published author and starting your OWN independent publishing empire!

Lesson #6 - How to Get High Quality Ebook, Paperback Book, and Audiobook Covers for an Affordable Cost!

  • They do judge your book by your cover and I will show you how you can get a HIGH QUALITY cover done for your eBook, paperback book, and audiobook for an AFFORDABLE onetime cost!
  • Get the EXACT scripts and know exactly what to say to designers so they want to do the COVER for YOU and your books! Watch this training today and create your FANTASTIC COVERS to take your branding and book to the NEXT LEVEL!

Lesson #7: How to Publish Your Ebook to Amazon Kindle Ebook Store in 30 Minutes or Less!

  • This is a MUST WATCH training that will SEPARATE you from someone who just has a book in their computer folder to NOW being on your way to OFFICIALLY becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!
  • Best of all, you will NOT miss any piece of this training because you will WATCH ME DEMONSTRATE TO YOU how to submit your book to all the TOP book platforms STEP BY STEP from A to Z!
  • Watch this training, get your book published, become a published author, and start making royalties for a LIFETIME!

Lesson #8: How to Publish Your Paperback Book to Amazon Book Store in 30 Minutes or Less!

  • You will discover the SECRET method to turn your SAME EBOOK into a PHYSICAL PAPERBACK BOOK on Amazon so that you now become a REAL AUTHOR from most people's eyes!
  • Most people have far more respect for those who have a PHYSICAL BOOK and now by watching this step by step training, you can get your EBOOK into a PHYSICAL PAPERBACK BOOK and OFFICIALLY become a REAL AUTHOR!
  • Watch this training, become an official author, and start making LIFETIME ROYALTIES!

Lesson #9: How to Turn Your Amazon Ebook into an Amazon Audiobook Without You Doing the Audio!

  • Turn your SAME EBOOK into an AMAZON AUDIOBOOK that makes PASSIVE INCOME for you on AUTOPILOT without you doing the audio!
  • Yes! You will watch me DEMONSTRATE to you STEP BY STEP on how to turn your eBook into an AUDIOBOOK by having HIGH QUALITY AUDIO NARRATORS do the work for you for a VERY AFFORDABLE ONE TIME price!
  • Audiobooks are HOT now and it will be HOTTER for the FUTURE (Even top entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk now say that AUDIO IS THE FUTURE!)
  • Get in this HOT TREND OF AUDIOS NOW and take advantage of this opportunity to make AUDIOBOOK PROFITS for a LIFETIME!

Lesson #10: How to Multiply Your Self Publishing Profits by Publishing Your Same Ebook to Additional Platforms Such as Apple's iBooks, Kobo, Sony Reader, and More!

  • You will watch my DEMONSTRATION VIDEO TRAINING of teaching you how to turn your SAME AMAZON eBook and SELL IT ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS like Apple, Sony, Kobo, and more!
  • Multiply your profits with the SAME book that is selling on Amazon!
  • Create even MORE AUTOPILOT STREAMS of income with your same eBook!
  • This TRAINING alone can potentially DOUBLE your profits so watch it today!

Lesson #11: How to Build an Email List with Your Ebooks to Maximize Your Income with Your Ebook Business + MORE Marketing Lessons Revealed!

  • Discover how to build your own EMAIL LIST to be able to sell MORE products to your readers for the LONG RUN!
  • Your email list is considered your #1 BIGGEST ASSET so start building your asset today and be able to SELL other relevant products to your readers to make an even bigger income in your business for the LONG RUN!
  • Watch this training, build your biggest asset, and make BIGGER income for the long run!

BONUS #1: How to Make Money with Affiliate Products WITHOUT Selling the Book USING the Book! (SECRET NINJA METHOD!)

  • If you get PUBLISHER SYSTEM today, then you will get this FREE BONUS TRAINING where you will discover my NINJA TECHNIQUE that nobody teaches in the self publishing teaching industry!
  • You will discover a way to make EXTRA INCOME with your book WITHOUT even selling your book! This actually works and it is NINJA so Get PUBLISHER SYSTEM today and make that EXTRA INCOME for the LONG RUN!

BONUS #2: My Additional Secret Interview to Succeed as a Self Publisher!

  • If you get PUBLISHER SYSTEM today, then I will also offer an ADDITIONAL 1-hour interview of me answering your TOP QUESTIONS about self publishing!
  • I hold nothing back and share you my REAL LIFE insights and secrets on how you can JUMP START your success with SELF PUBLISHING starting today!
  • So Get PUBLISHER SYSTEM now and start getting my TOP self publishing secrets today through this 1-Hour EXCLUSIVE BONUS INTERVIEW!

How Much Does This Cost?

In my career as an indpendent publisher for, I have generated SIX FIGURES in PASSIVE INCOME on autopilot over the years.

I am literally giving YOU (my future mentee/student) my EXACT step-by-step BLUEPRINT on how I built HowEpxert from the ground up.

I'm giving you my SECRETS that have NEVER been revealed to the public to you.

This is what generated me SIX FIGURES over the course of my publishing career that started from 2010.

You CANNOT get any of this kind of secrets in ANY OTHER publishing course BECAUSE NO ONE (from my understanding) who teaches this PUBLISHES their books like my company!

Everyone else seems to hire ghostwriters and that's it!

I've never done it like that with my own publishing company. That's because I NEVER STUDIED & COPIED other people!

Instead, I figured this out ALL ON MY OWN and FOCUSED ON MY OWN VISION of publishing AUTHENTIC HOW TO BOOKS by real life, everyday experts!

AGAIN, NO ONE teaches what I teach inside PUBLISHER SYSTEM.

This is the ULTIMATE STEP BY STEP BLUEPRINT that will show you how YOU can become an INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING MOGUL and START YOUR OWN publishing company for the LONG RUN in an AUTHENTIC WAY!

NO ONE TEACHES what I teach because EVERYONE else in the self publishing industry seems to study from each other.

On the other hand, I DID NOT STUDY from other people. I WENT IN MY OWN LANE & WENT THERE ALL THE WAY! That's how my company HowExpert has stood the test of time and still generates a SOLID FULL TIME INCOME for me on AUTOPILOT!

AGAIN, this is NOT your COPY CAT self publishing course like 99% of courses out there online!

THIS IS A UNIQUE, ONE & ONLY & ORIGINAL course created by a REAL bestselling author and a REAL independent publisher who has published AUTHENTIC how to guides in the Amazon marketplace. And unlike other publishers who teach this, I am the ONLY ONE who reveals my books through my OWN publishign company

Why? Because I'm not AFRAID. I'm SO CONFIDENT in my own skills as a publisher and someone who is authentic and willing to share my SECRETS to YOU so YOU can also succeed as a publisher as well.

I believe EVERYONE can have an opportunity to succeed. My brand will continue to succeed and thrive. Now, I want to help the NEW publishers to publish the books the RIGHT & AUTHENTIC WAY instead of doing it the way that has been WRONGLY taught by many teachers in this industry (that has made a bad name for the industry!)

You will be proud of your work. Your writers will be HAPPY to write for you! You will create AUTHENTIC topics that make a POSITIVE IMPACT in the world. You will STAND OUT.


So...this BLUEPRINT has generated SIX FIGURES on autopilot for me.

Having said that, I can easily charge you a high ticket price for this like some gurus do. I have seen others charge THOUSANDS for basic self publishing lessons.

Let me tell you...You're not getting basic information that you can easily find on Google.

PUBLISHER SYSTEM is a UNIQUE & ORIGINAL course where it shares you something that you have NEVER heard of before in the self publishing industry.

So it won't be your typical cheap course.

However I wanted to make it affordable for the SERIOUS student who VALUES my blueprint and is willing to take serious action and get started!

That is why I decided to charge it for a one time investment of $497 $297 (Special Discount for a LIMITED TIME!).

To be honest, I feel like I'm giving away this for way too cheap so I may seriously consider raising the price to at least $997 OR MORE in the future. Even at that price or higher, it is WELL WORTH IT because this method can create a LONG TERM autopilot, passive income for you for a LIFETIME!

Plus Get INSIDE My NEW Private Facebook Group JUST for PUBLISHER SYSTEM Members!

In addition to you receiving my STEP BY STEP blueprint to start, grow, and succeed in your own publishing empire, you will be invited to connect with OTHER self publishers to mastermind and get yourself to a whole new level!

Plus, I will also participate inside the private facebook group to answer some basic questions here and there as well to help you SUCCEED in your journey as a self publisher!

My PUBLISHER SYSTEM is an AWESOME course that will show you EVERYTHING you need to know about succeeding in the publishing game.

However you may have a specific question here and there and that's where the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP can help you get your specific questions answered to CONTINUE overcoming those little hurdles & obstacles to CONTINUE SUCCEEDING in the self publishing world!

Joining this PRIVATE group is PRICELESS because you are accessing my 7+ years of experience as an INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER!

This BONUS may DISSAPPEAR in the future so TAKE ACTION NOW!


Here's What To Do Next!

Click the link below and Get PUBLISHER SYSTEM today!

You can literally get my STEP BY STEP blueprint on how to build your OWN publishing empire that will set an AUTOPILOT INCOME for your for a LIFETIME!

This is TRULY priceless.

I may EVEN consider raising the price OR taking this offer down in the future if I get too many students.

So...TAKE ACTION NOW before this offer becomes much more expensive OR disappear in the future!

I'm serious!

By the way, this is not some quick course that shows you fluff training.

Instead, you will GET DEMONSTRATION of me doing EVERYTHING from A to Z to build an eBook publishing empire!


Get Publisher System today and watch my entire step by step training. If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with this course and don't believe that I gave you 10 TIMES the value for this course to show you the blueprint on how to start & succeed in your own publishing empire, then contact me and I will personally refund you the money and we can part as friends. That's how confident I am that PUBLISHER SYSTEM will give you the BEST blueprint on how to succeed as an independent publisher starting today! Plus, I will even get on the PHONE with you to help you IF you don't make any sales after publishing 10 books. That's how much confidence I have in my course being able to FINALLY help you with self publishing. GET PUBLISHER SYSTEM today and start your own publishing empire for the LONG RUN!

Click the 'Buy Now' Button to Get Publisher System Now!

Publisher System - How to Sell Your Amazon Kindle Ebook, Paperback, and Audiobook!

Price = Onetime payment of $497 $297 (Special Discount for a Limited Time!!!)

Thank you and I wish you much success in the future!

BJ Min

PS...Most teachers who teach self publishing NEVER show their books. That makes me wonder if they are really doing this or not. On the other hand, I SHARE WITH YOU my books and my exact methods and my exact blueprint that I STILL DO TO THIS DAY! I am REAL, AUTHENTIC, and GENUINE and will help YOU create REAL & AUTHENTIC books that STAND OUT, make a POSITIVE IMPACT, and help you generate PASSIVE INCOME on AUTOPILOT! CLICK HERE TO GET PUBLISHER SYSTEM NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to publish HUNDREDS of books like you to make money with publishing?

No you don't because you're going to learn from my OWN trial and error! I had to do HUNDREDS of books because I did it the WRONG way in the beginning. But eventually I discovered the RIGHT WAY to do it (in terms of picking topics) that can help you FINALLY get results online! If I was given this type of course in the beginning, I wouldn't need HUNDREDS of books to get the income I make because I would be MUCH BETTER at picking UNIQUE TOPICS (which I will REVEAL to you in my PUBLISHER SYSTEM course)!

Why is your course more expensive than many other courses about self publishing?

First of all, my courses is a BARGAIN for the real deal advice & value you receive in this course because you learn from a REAL bestselling author and a REAL publisher of hundreds of books online. Second of all, I cannot give away my secrets for $47 like other courses out there who seem to focus on teaching some short cut way to make money online. This is NOT for get rich quick people. This is for REAL future publishers who want to succeed in publishing for the LONG RUN. Many short cut & almost questionable tactics come and go but my REAL & AUTHENTIC LONG TERM methods will last for a LIFETIME & BEYOND! Once you get the course, you'll know what I'm talking about because I do NOT teach you how to get fake reviews or use any questionable tactics that may give you short term profits but NEVER long term success.

Can I really make money online with self publishing?

YES! Absolutely! Kindle self publishing is working for many people to this day and many more and getting into this and starting to make a fulltime income online.

Is Kindle self publishing saturated?
No it is not! If you do it the right way, you can earn a fulltime income online doing Kindle self publishing not just for today but for the long run!

Is it expensive to get started in this business?
No way! Compared to a typical brick and mortar business, this is a very affordable business that can make you passive income and give you greater return on investment than most typical businesses.

How is Kindle self publishing different than most other business opportunities on how to make money online?

In my honest opinion, this is one of the most REALISTIC ways for the everyday person to start their REAL business online that they own and keep for their lifetime. A lot of other businesses require a bigger learning curve or more technical work but Kindle self publishing is basically you submitting a word document to Amazon and making money if you want a simple version of it!

What if I don't make money online?

If you don't make money online after publishing at least 10 books with Amazon Kindle publishing, I will personally get on the phone with you for 15-20 minutes for FREE to give you coaching to help you turn your business around and do a better job for the future.

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