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Welcome Affiliates & JV's!

If you are looking for a UNIQUE & HIGH QUALITY offer in the internet marketing/business opportunity niche, then I welcome you to promote PUBLISHER SYSTEM.

My name is BJ Min, the author of "How to Make Money with Ebooks" and a real life publisher of HUNDREDS of books on Amazon as a publisher through eBooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks.

After having had real life experience publishing Kindle eBooks since 2010, I am launching my own step-by-step method to succeed with self publishing and I would love to have YOU as an affiliate & JV partner to promote my course for a WIN/WIN relationship!


  • MAIN PRODUCT: PUBLISHER SYSTEM: This course teaches how to succeed in self publishing as an author &/or publishing in all genres specifically nonfiction publishing. Price = $497/year (You Make 50% Commissions!)


  • UPSELL #1: UNLIMITED 1-ON-1 MONTHLY COACHING: This is a $497 a month recurring offer where you can make 50% RECURRING COMMISSIONS! This is a one time offer where the student can get my personal email & skype messages to ask me unlimited amount of questions related to self publishing to get 1-on-1 personal coaching to speed up their success. Price = $497 a month (You Make 50% RECURRING Commissions!)


  • UPSELL #2: DONE FOR YOU SERVICE: This is a high ticket offer where I will do ALL the work from finding a writer, hiring a writer, formatting the book, and submitting the eBook, paperback, and audiobook for the student. Price = $997 onetime offer (You Make 50% Affiliate Commissions)

NOTE: Prices & details may change in the future for best results for us & our affiliates for the long but this is what we will start for now. Thank you. (Price may increase or decrease and the affiliate % may change as well.)

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Subject line: Make Money WITHOUT a Website!
Subject line: Newbie Friendly Method!
Subject line: Easy learning curve!

Hey there,

If you want to make money online that has an easier learning curve compared to most business opportunities out there that is beginner friendly, then check out this NEWBIE FRIENDLY method below.

Click Here to Learn More (link to affiliate link)

This is a step by step guide created by a full-time internet marketer with almost 10 years of experience in this topic!

So it's a REAL guy who really knows this topic inside and out.

Best of all, this is ONE of the newbie friendly ways to make money online.

So if you are struggling to make any money online (don't feel bad because 90% don't make anything online who study this topic because it's overwhelming and confusing for most beginners), then don't feel bad.

You're not alone.

But this can FINALLY be the way for you to REALISTICALLY make money online.

You don't need your own website.

You don't need to learn confusing HTML.

You don't need to "join a program".

You don't need to build a list.

You don't need to do social media marketing.

You don't need to any of that confusing stuff.

In fact, this is TRULY one of the BEST ways for the newbie to get started to realistically make their FIRST DOLLAR online.

So if you're looking for a REALISTIC way to get RESULTS online, then go ahead and check out this step by step system below.

Click Here to Learn More! (link to affiliate link)

Talk soon,

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Thanks for promoting PUBLISHER SYSTEM.

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email: bjmin101 [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you
BJ Min

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Income disclaimer. There is no guarantee you will make money as an affiliate. You must put in the time, work, energy, advertising, etc to make it online. Also, please promote the product in a honest and ethical way. Any affiliate that promotes in an unethical way will be removed as an affiliate. Thank you. Let's win/win together. All the best.

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